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About Us

"Service to others brings about the most profound changes." - José Colón

We have served the City of Chicago and its citizens for more than 40 years combined. In that time, we have found that the most memorable moments throughout our careers have revolved around selfless service to others. We want to guide your cybersecurity readiness with the same level of dedication we have provided the city throughout our careers. 


Meet The Team

Our Story

Dragan and I have been destined to meet and work together. Having both graduated from Lane Technical High School and later joining the Chicago Police Department, it seems that our paths were converging even in our youth. Later in our careers, we met and worked together in the Bureau of Organized Crime Technical Lab and then again in the Bureau of Internal Affairs. Together, we learned and worked on video, audio, and digital forensics investigative techniques supporting long term investigations. This is also where we learned to lean on each other's strengths to work together, make a solid team, and overcome whatever may come our way.

Further strengthening our bond is our shared love of knowledge and personal growth. My search for knowledge has led to my Master of Science degrees in Threat and Response Management from the University of Chicago and Cybersecurity Governance, Risk management & Compliance (GRC) from DePaul University. Additionally, I try to challenge myself by acquiring information technology and cybersecurity certifications regularly as proof that I have mastered relevant concepts at a fundamental level. My most recent acquisition is the ISC2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification which is the industry gold standard for Chief Information Security Officers.


As intertwined as our journey has been, Dragan's pursuit of higher education also includes a Master of Science in Cybersecurity GRC from DePaul University as well being a Certified Digital Forensic Examiner (CDFE). However, Dragan's pursuit of knowledge extends far beyond the classroom. He is an accomplished private pilot and instructor, published photographer and author as well as an amateur astronomer. Dragan's passion for astronomy has manifested itself in the creation of a past successful retail business in the hobby as well as a much respected online astronomy forum that is still active today (DeepSkyForum). Dragan's pursuit of knowledge and his dedication to success guide him through life and I can think of no better partner for tackling the complexities of cybersecurity.

There is nothing that we cannot study, attack head on, and overcome when we work together. 


José Colón
Co-Founder & CEO

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