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Cybersecurity is changing the path of business.

However, not every business is taking the right path.

Let Quantum Vigilance guide you towards a secure future that you will understand.

Abstract Background

Quantum Vigilance will guide your business to a winning cybersecurity strategy.

We work alongside our clients to determine what cybersecurity strategy will best fit their needs and customize plans for an effective cybersecurity solution.

Your people are your organization

We focus on people throughout your organization to ensure that cybersecurity is a part of the culture. 

Your process dictate your actions

QV will review cybersecurity, information security, and information continuity processes to see what we can do to strengthen your cybersecurity posture. 

Your corporate identity and needs

Quantum Vigilance will listen to your guiding principles and incorporate your needs while also securing your cyber footprint.

Your technology assets now and in the future

Our QvCiso's review your current cybersecurity technology assets and works with your organization to determine future needs. 


Your journey with Quantum Vigilance begins with a guide, our Risk Assessment
Gap Evaluation Report (RAnGER™)

The RAnGER™ is our starting point and an essential component to guiding your Cybersecurity strategy. The RAnGER™ is a recorded moment in time of your company's cyber footprint. With the RAnGER™, we can figure out where you stand in the cybersecurity landscape and how we can help you ensure continued success.


There is little to no mystery in how our process works. It is clear in the name.

  • Risk Assessment

    • People​

    • Processes

    • Technology

  • Gap Evaluation​

    • Where are you now?​

    • Where do you need to be?

    • How can Quantum Vigilance help you get there?

  • Report​

    • Concise and clear language so that everyone in the organization can understand our suggestions and the strategies moving forward. ​


Cybersecurity Landscape by the Numbers


Percentage of cybersecurity breeches involving a human element (1)


Global average cost of data breach when factoring detection and escalation, notification, post breach response, and lost business cost (2)


Percentage of small to medium businesses that do not have any cybersecurity plan in place (3)


Percentage of small businesses that say their processes are ineffective at mitigating attacks (4)

Abstract Lines

Quantum Vigilance is ready to help you with your cybersecurity strategy.

Are you ready?

Click below to schedule a consultation and begin your journey to a more secure cyber future. 

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